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Only a hundred years ago, humans, animals and, indeed, all of nature coexisted in perfect harmony on this infinitely beautiful planet. Our forebears were blessed with the bounties of the Earth and lived with the confidence that life would continue to flourish for generations to come.
Yet today, what are we to pass on as our heritage to the next generation? Our sacred planet is wounded, losing its natural capacity to recover on its own through self-regulating systems of purification.
The dramatic pace and scope of progress and evolution of both human industry and culture have led to environmental destruction and global warming. And the impact is increasingly seen everywhere, at a gradual but regrettably certain pace.
If, however, we could sustain a worldwide effort for maximizing the use of limited resources and reducing CO2 emissions, we could constrain the rise of global warming to a minimum. We have no other choice but to make this our top priority.
APPLICOT is a team of professionals sincerely and passionately committed to its mission of reducing CO2 emissions from the standpoint of energy conservation in the field of incineration. We seek to play a role beyond simply meeting the stringent demands of our customers – we intend, in fact, to raise the standards of environmental regulations by introducing advanced incineration technologies and products that surpass levels required by our customers. We are a team of professionals and we take pride in fulfilling this role.
All of us at APPLICOT carry in our hearts the pride and joy of shouldering this responsible role in the global industry related to the field of incineration. With the encouragement and guidance of our customers throughout the world, we devote ourselves to realizing progress every day in the achievement of our grand mission and responsibility for helping preserve the global environment.

Susumu Morita President and CEO, Applicot Corporation


Name Applicot Corporation
Incorporated November 25, 1986
Capital Paid up 40 million yen
Address 1-9-28, Nakazato, Minami, Yokohama 232-0063, Japan
Tel 81-45-720-3672
Fax 81-45-720-3679
Representative Susumu Morita
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Konandai Branch, The Bank of Yokohama Ltd., Ofuna Branch, Yokohama Shinkin Bank, Totsuka Higashiguchi Branch


1-9-28, Nakazato, Minami, Yokohama 232-0063, Japan